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SingIsrael is Israel's premiere choral development service. Since October 2004, we have worked with more than 200 choirs, choruses, ensembles, and other types of singing groups that sing a wide variety of vocal styles. Our client groups are located from Metulla in the far north to Be'er Sheva in the south, and represent all types of musical styles and tastes. Through our vast network of contacts nationwide, singers and musicians now have an amazing opportunity to visit Israel — the Holy Land — and share their talents with Israeli audiences. With SingIsrael as your tour guide, your performing arts group will not only visit the marvelous holy sites of the three major monotheistic religions, you'll have the opportunity to perform all over the country as well.

Most importantly, you'll have the chance to meet and talk with average Israelis — Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Every day life in Israel is nothing like the media portrays it. From traditional street markets to fashionable shopping malls, Israel offers amazing sites, sounds, and sensations. It is a vibrant, lively, exciting — and safe — place to visit.

We invite you to explore all aspects of the SingIsrael experience by browsing through our site. We believe this will help you understand the situation here better, and be able to make a wise and conscious decision about travel to Israel. Links are located at the top and bottom of each page to help you navigate.

Thank you for visiting our site. We are committed to helping you experience Israel as you never imagined it, and look forward to speaking with you about visiting soon.


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Israel - your way

Every person views the Holy Land differently, that's what makes it so very, very special. As a result, SingIsrael doesn't work with pre-planned package tours. Rather, we work with your group to plan the perfect tour for you.


SingIsrael works closely with you to create the perfect tour for your group. We discuss the types of sites you want to visit, and the types of concerts you'd like to perform. We match you with Israeli performers — complementary and/or contrasting, at your request — to help make the artistic side of your trip as memorable as the vacation/holiday side of it. Through our contacts around the country, SingIsrael can find literally dozens of performance partners for you. As in all aspects of our tour planning, we work with you to find the perfect performance partners, as well as the perfect performance venues.


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