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Great things to see and do in Israel!

No trip to another country is complete without sampling some of its cultural aspects. On this page, we highlight a few of the many cultural opportunities that await you in the Holy Land. No matter what you like to do to relax and rewind, Israel is sure to offer you exciting and interesting activites in which you can be involved.


Israelis are a very musical people and millions of Israelis participate in amateur musical activities. Just in amateur choirs alone, it is estimated that there are more than 800 choirs, choruses, and ensembles in Israel. That's amazing for a country of only 7.5 million people! Choirs are, of course, our main musical interest, but there are lots of other musical activites and events, both professional and amateur, that you might sample on your tour of our country. Whether you are partial to classical, jazz, folk, or just want to sample a bit of everything on offer, here is a partial list of places and events you might want to visit.

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Israeli theater spans a wide range of interests and styles. It depicts identity crises, bridges antiquity and modernity, imports international drama, and adapts Hasidic stories and Israeli novels. Although highly commercial and poorly subsidized, Israeli theater is very much alive. About half of the plays showing in Israel are original Hebrew works. More theater classes are given in Israeli high schools each year and acting schools have to reject growing numbers of theater aspirants. Here are some links to Israeli theater activities.

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There are some excellent dance companies in Israel, and modern and traditional dancing are very popular. The range and quality of Israel's dance scene is one of its most extraordinary aspects. From ballet, to modern, jazz, ethnic, ballroom, and folk-dancing (this being your opportunity to dance your feet off among the locals), Israelis love to dance! Ballroom dancing became popular in the 1990s, thanks to immigration from the former Soviet Union. The Russian influence is also strong in Israel's classical ballet.

Israel's trademark dance is the Hora. The Hora and other circle dances draw on both Eastern European traditions and the Arab debka. Folk-dancing is popular with Israelis of all ages, and visitors are encouraged to join in the fun. The staff at your hotel can refer you to an evening of Israeli folk-dancing.

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Israeli cinema began in the 1950s, although Jews had been producing films in Palestine for decades prior to the establishment of the State of Israel. Israeli films often reflect typical Israeli themes and social developments. The majority of the films are produced in the Hebrew language, although English, other European languages, and Arabic films are also made. Israel has been nominated for more Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film than any other country in the Middle East. The industry has its ups and downs, but is now capable of getting hundreds of thousands of viewers to the cinemas and to represent Israel with much dignity in film contests and film festivals worldwide.

We at SingIsrael are most proud to blow the horn of one of our own, of course! Alex's eldest son, Tomer, is an accomplished animator and the winner of numerous animation awards, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Student Animation. Here is a link to Tomer's Academy Award nominated animation, Our Wonderful Nature. Tomer's latest animation, Flamingo Pride, is currently winning acclaim and awards around the world, and will be featured here as soon as it has general release. Click here to learn more about Tomer.

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There are literally hundreds of museums in Israel. Given that this small strip of land is one of the cradles of human civilization, that's probably not too unsurprising. Evertyhing from archeology, to art, science, transportation, and Jewish culture and history are represented in Israel's museums. Here are just a few you might want to visit during your tour of the Holy Land.

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Just like other people around the world, many Israelis are sport mad. Football — soccer — as Americans call it, is probably the most popular spectator sport in the country. Fans deck themselves out in their favorite team's colors and travel across the country to cheer on their heros. Beyond football, however, are other sports. Basketball is very big in Israel, as is tennis. One sport which many Westerners love that just hasn't really caught on here is golf. There are very few golf courses in Israel, but they are worth a visit if that's your game. Here are some of the more popular sporting teams and venues:

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Food & Drink

One of life's most enjoyable pleasures is the enjoyment of a good meal and, for many of us, a glass of something bubbly, fruity, or malty. This section will highlight some great eating and drinking locations around the country. We encourage you to try lots of the local foods, to fully appreciate all this marvelous land has to offer.

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Clubs & Nightlife

Nightlife! Everyone enjoys a night out on the town, and Israelis are no different than anyone else. Here are a few "hot spots" you might find interesting to check out.

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Sample Itinerary

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