Performing in Israel

Performing in Israel is fun! Your "concert tour" of Israel will take you all over the country. And with SingIsrael's extensive contacts in the entertainment world, your group is assured of great performance opportunities. We work closely with you to determine the best possible performance partners - and the best possible venues in which you can perform. We help you every step of the way, and promise you this will be one of the most rewarding trips you have ever taken.

Performance Partners

There are literally hundreds of groups waiting for the chance to perform with your group. Whether you are a church or synagogue choir, a community chorus, a musical society, dance band, jazz combo, or any kind of performing group, SingIsrael can help find you the perfect performance partners.


Performance Opportunities

From the Scottish Church in Jerusalem to Kibbutz Eilon on the northern border, the performance possibilities of your visit to Israel are never ending. SingIsrael will talk with you to find out the types of performances you'd like, and then find those opportunities for you.

Performance Venues

There are dozens of marvelous venues in the country. Once we've established the type of performance opportunities you are looking for, we begin to search for the perfect venues. We also help you find the proper partners for your performances — complimentary, contrasting, or  both — and do all we can to ensure you take home wonderful memories of your performances in Israel.

Special Workshops

As well as performing, your group might also find some of the special workshops we offer to be great fun. Please click here for more information on these workshops.


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